Sprocket (James) has been tinkering with sound since he can remember, whether it was playing drums, and piano, programming old computers to make annoying blippy sounds, or on a more professional level, DJ'ing and producing psytrance. Music in all forms has been his passion for years, and when he married this with the colourful world of psychedelic culture, a sound formulated in his head.. this was the Sprocket sound..

A fusion between light and dark, day and night. A twisting adventure through fused styles normally separated by 'sub-genres'...

 James has never liked things too serious and so always surprises the listener with cheeky twists and turns. Varied, powerful and bustling with sounds, James pours his heart and soul into every track.

Signed as an artist to Blue Hour Sounds, James has been building his sound over the last few years, and is a rising talent in the UK scene, playing gigs around the country and internationally - festivals such as Momento Demento (CR), Eden Festival (UK) and Tangra (BG), plus parties such as Tribe of Frog, Triplicity, Soma Sonic and Boogie Woogie.

Its not just playing live sets that gets James out of his studio, but also DJ'ing. Although he has been a DJ for 10 years, he nearly stopped after gaining popularity with his production, as he felt playing similar styles of music as a DJ and as an artist seemed pointless, but seemingly just at the right moment, a style of progressive know to some as dark, or 'Zenon'esque' (after Zenon records who pioneered the sound) exploded in popularity in the UK, and James was in a great position to fore-fill the new want for prog DJ's as he had been following and playing this style for many years before hand. With the right contacts and the right tunes, James has managed to become one of the key DJ's for this style in the UK, and has played alongside some of the biggest names such as Sensient and Grouch.

James has many plans for the future and is next focusing on gaining international popularity, and with his 2nd EP release 'Sprocketisms' recently being received around the world through Bandcamp, and 2 recent releases on Blue Hour Sound VA's, he is looking forward to whatever comes next!