A dash of dark with a pinch of wobble, seasoned with a light sprinkling of melody and whisked for 30 mins in a cosmic blender..

Taking influences from full on, and forest trance, night and day, light and dark, James manages to weave a story which twists and turns through many moods and feelings, giving the listener a satisfying ride with his chunky bass, funky rhythms, searing leads, soothing textures and ghostly ambience. Encompassing all these sounds and more, Sprocket is a cacophony of ideas, polished off with cheeky structure and clever percussion.

Here you will find news, events, audio and other treats including prog DJ mixes.

Recent Release Double CD VA from Blue Hour Sounds featuring my new track 'Elasticity'
Sprocket - Sprocketisms EP 2nd EP release - The 3 track "Sprocketisms" is OUT NOW to buy on BANDCAMP